Make the most of Black Friday sales from India

Make the most of Black Friday sales from India

International shipping simplified

Make the most of Black Friday sales from India

You see videos of it, you read about how many people died in the stampedes it generates. Black Friday is a phenomenon in the US that marks one of the biggest sales of the year. Something that every technology buyer yearns for. This year, you can be a part of the Black Friday rush from the comfort of your own home, with these services that allow you to ship your purchases from online stores in the US.

How it works

These services will give you a US address that you can get your online purchases shipped to. Once there, these services will ship the product to your Indian address through their own shipping service. The shipping charges here are usually on the higher side, but many of them also factor in the customs duty, so you don’t end up paying more to release your product in India.

It’s a tried and tested safe practice that makes great sense if you’re picking up products during major US sales, like Black Friday. Here are some of the shipping services we recommend.


Trust is always a factor with these services, and if that factor is high up in your scale, HopShopGo is one of the best. Powered by PayPal, the popular money transfer gateway, HopShopGo will get your products to your doorstep, with PayPal’s presence in India. Charging by the kilo, you pay $20.75 for the first kilo and $3.25 for every kilo after that. That’s about Rs. 1300/kg and Rs. 200/kg after that. It’s a really good deal, especially if you’re considering picking a mobile like the iPhone from the US.


ShopandShip has been around for quite a while and has a relatively large user base in India. It extends its services to several countries, so you’re not just limited to US-based sites. The cost per kg is $18, which converts to Rs 1,188. It does get cheaper per kg, but you will have to use their on-site calculator for a better idea.


This site specialises in shopping in USA and shipping to India. Rather than going by weight, you have to select the category, and it shows you the shipping cost, with custom duties included. We tried $649 16GB iPhone 6S, which is the cost of a 16GB iPhone 6s and we got the shipping cost at Rs. 9,928 the total coming to around Rs 52,918. It’s still a good deal when you consider that it officially sells for Rs 62,000 in India.


Let’s say want to shop badly in the US, but none of your cards are International. This is where Borderlinx comes in. They claim they can shop for you and you can pay them conveniently in any way you want. Their rates are a bit high and you have to factor not only weight, but also dimensions of packaging.

If you know more services like these, be sure to mention them in the comments below. Happy shopping!

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