The Best Experience Using a Fingerprint Scanner

The Best Experience Using a Fingerprint Scanner

The Best Experience Using a Fingerprint Scanner
If there were any prizes to be won for the flagship phone feature of the year, then it would have indeed gone to the fingerprint scanner. Almost all flagship smartphones launched in the year and also flagship killers had this feature.

Companies are touting it as a feature that enhances the security of your personal device and is also more convenient than pattern locks, pin locks and passwords.

While there are a few questions being raised on how secure these scanners actually are, but I am looking at them more from a usage point of view. What matters to me most is that you get to unlock the phone without having to fidget with it. When you unlock the phone, you are where you think you should be and the overall experience should feel seamless.

So far, I have used this feature on the Nexus 5X, iPhone 6S Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, OnePlus Two and Huawei Honor 7.

And the best experience for me was using the TouchId on the iPhone 6S Plus. It works 10 on 10 times. Even when my finger is wet, it seems to work 9 out of 10 times. In addition to it, it is so seamless that often you don’t even feel that you have passed through a check post.

The Google Nexus 5X comes a close second. The fingerprint scanner on the same too is fast and accurate. The only real problem is that I am more used to touching the power button or the home key for unlocking, while the unlocking key for the Nexus 5X is on the rear. Even after using the phone for about a week, I tend to first fidget on the sides and then head to the rear.

Coming over to Samsung Galaxy devices. First the protruding home button is more of an eye sore on these shiny devices. Also, as these button tend to double up as home buttons, often you would unlock the phone and reach the home screen, which can be annoying at times. Imagine, you accidentally lock the phone while watching a YouTube video and after unlocking exit to home screen! Sigh!

This has been my experience, do share your experiences though in the comments below.

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