Google planning manufacturing its own smartphone

NEW DELHI: There might be a twist in the offing when it comes to Google-branded smartphones. According to a report in The Information, “In its continuing effort to make Android more of a robust competitor to Apple, Google is once again debating whether to build an Android phone.”

While Google designs, markets and even sells Nexus range of devices (through its Play Store), the production and assembly of these devices is carried out by Google’s partner OEMs or original equipment makers. Barring a few instances, most of the Nexus devices don’t come with the branding of telecom carriers and feature the stock version of Android with all Google apps and services pre-loaded and have an unlocked bootloader.

The Nexus devices are also the first ones to receive Android software updates which makes them an attractive proposition for Android fans (not just developers) in addition to the absence of bloatware and custom UI skins.

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