Microsoft Surface Book facing brain drain

Microsoft Surface Book facing brain drain, functions in sleep mode

Microsoft’s Surface Book, the first laptop launched by the Redmond based tech giant is facing multiple issues. Despite many firmware updates released for the machine by Microsoft, many issues seem to be confronting this otherwise beautifully made machine.

Since its launch the machine is suffering from several bugs that Microsoft is now trying to address with firmware updates.

Despite numerous firmware updates, one issue that hasn’t been solved thus far is the fact that the device doesn’t enter sleep mode correctly. This means that whenever a device is closed down, the laptop gets very hot and obviously suffers from battery surface-book

Reports suggest that in the case of the Surface Book, closing down the lid doesn’t correctly activate the sleep mode and this creates an issue. On the other hand many users have said that instead of turning off and entering this rest mode, the device actually gets a BSOD. There are also reports that despite being put in sleep mode, the laptop continues working with fans running at full speed and causing a significant battery drain.

Nonetheless this is not a new problem and first came to the light immediately after the launch of the product. The Redmond based tech giant says that it has already tried to fix it with the latest firmware updates, but it will only be fully corrected in a future update.

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