Your iPhone, iPad are Double at Risk Now

It is not a surprising fact that Indians loveApple devices, especially the iPhones. In fact, according to recent industry reports, Apple sold 1.7 million iPhones in India between September 2014 and September 2015. Each new version of the iPhone, iPad and Mac are looked upon enthusiastically by Indians and witness heightened sales during their launch.

With the rising demand for Apple gear, the number of threats affecting these devices have also multiplied in recent years, thanks to Cyberterrorist groups like “Butterfly”.

As outlined in a new Symantec whitepaper released recently, a growing number of attackers have begun targeting Apple operated systems, with the amount of infections and new malware threats increasing over the past two years.

Key highlights from the whitepaper include-

  • The number of iOS malware threats discovered to date, though small in number, has begun to increase, with seven new threats discovered in 2015 (up from the previous high of three in 2014).

  • Of the 13 iOS threats documented by Symantec to date, nine can only infect jailbroken devices

  • Mac OS X threats rose by 15 percent in 2014, while the number of iOS threats have more than doubled in 2015.

  • The number of unique OS X computers infected with malware in the first nine months of 2015 alone was seven times higher than all of 2014.

These threats span from ordinary cybercrime gangs branching out to Apple platforms, to high level attack groups like the Butterfly corporate espionage team that infected OS X computers in targeted organizations.

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